Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nike Air Royal Mid Premium x2

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Earlier today, we showed you the Nike Air Royal Mid Premium Metallic Silver, and the majority of those who commented stated that it was a pretty fresh sneaker. Well, if your more into gold than silver, we have now spotted the Nike Air Royal Mid Premium White/Metallic Gold.

Similar to the Nike Air Elan Premium Navy Blue/Gold we showed you yesterday, this particular shoe contains a metallic gold tongue and white shoelaces. Besides the metallic gold perforated toe box, the rest of the shoe’s base is made of a rich, white premium leather. To finish it off, this sneaker also possesses a white rubber sole. Which colorway is better: the Metallic Silver or this White/Metallic Gold? Available now at CaliRoots.


Having already shown you two exclusive colorways of the Nike Air Elan (See Grey, Navy Blue), we now have photos of an exclusive Nike Air Royal Mid.

If you recall, Nike released the Air Royal and the Air Elan around the same time. Since then, both have been a favorite amongst sneaker consumers. With that said, it is only right that Nike release more colorways! This particular Air Elan possesses a 100% metallic silver base mixed with a white rubber sole. Other features include white shoelaces and perforation designs on the toe box and swoosh. Available now at CaliRoots. Click here to view detailed photos.

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Jenny Pooh said...

i luv the silver ones!!!!