Tuesday, June 23, 2009

“You Can Run” - Bryan Greenberg & Kid Cudi Live

via. DatNewCudi.

**Shout out to DP @ DatNewCudi... Always has the NEWEST updates on Cudder!!!**

I’m having trouble getting this video to work consistently so hopeuflly its good for you guys. Spotted this at Cudi’s blog just now but he took it down probably because it wasn’t working. Bryan Greenberg (co-star of the upcoming HBO series “How to Make it in America”) brought Cudi out on stage to perform their new song “You Can Run”. I wasn’t aware Bryan was a musician too but it turns out he is after doing some quick research. Most of you will know him from his previous role on One Tree Hill.

Download HQ MP3 Rip: You Can Run Live Feat. Kid Cudi

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