Monday, July 20, 2009

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say (Poke Her Face)

Saw a lot of hate on the video already via. all the blogs... I think its a dope ass video! Should be a good look for Cudder!


Fly Ty said...

yeah definitely..he's two of two..(if u dont count that first one lol)
..but i cant think of any artist that can say the same..he's come out the gate being one of the most artistic and exciting artists in the game..i dont think anybody wouldve called this much success..keep it up, its most deserved

ps..i knw a lot of hate is comin from those Twitter cats..thats y i dont have one good can come from that shit


tp2 said...

that vid is DOPE! f*ck the haters.

Priceless said...

Fun Fact: Cudi Hit The Dougie On Them Hoes At The End....Did Yall See That LMAO

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

hahaha. agreed 2 for 2!
i dont think anyone but CUDDER wouldve called this much success.

hahaha... twitter is the DEVIL man! people are seriously going crazy i think... everyone thinks they are a celebrity now. EVEN ppl who dont do shit in LIFE! like i seen sooo many people get mad at rappers, actors, & artists a like... when they dont respond to everything they "tweet" about. its UNREAL... like what is wrong with people? let these artists live there life and not have to worry about someone TRASHING them because someone didnt respond to a twitter message.

and the sadest part I THINK is the blogs... and that might sound hypocritical, seeing as how we have, but they're are TOO MANY UNEDUCATED/IGNORANT people out there now... making judgments and criticizing artists. the blogs are for people to get info and new music from... not for UNEDUCATED/IGNORANT people make they're own "XXL" or "The Source" or whatever.

i learned very quickly about that... when i wrote some "hater" shit about Bone Thugs... I realized people actually listen and pay attention to what I say... I cant just HATE on somebody for no reason. You can be critical of an artist but dont TRASH them. be classy not trashy. lol.

And yeah the VIDEO is DOPE f*ck the haters...

And when Cudder hit the dougie at the end... that shit was SMOOOOOTH as f*ck! lololol

CaliforniaSoul said...

I dont consider this a blog i consider it "Hip-Hop This week" haha...That whole video is smooth Props to Cudi