Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sublime feat. Chip Tha Ripper – Pawn Shop (Remix)

This exclusive leak was 1st seen @ herfection.

Okay. Sooo heres the rundown...

The Cleveland Show is done... No Official Date yet, JUST BE READY!

On this track... Chip remade an old Sublime song called "Pawn Shop."
Chip put his own touch on it, not changing the original format of the song... it just so happens to have these nice gaps in between chorus' and Chip flipped it real nice.

I really hope u enjoy the song! He has a verse in the beginning & another verse at about the 2min mark...
Then he just fills in with his singing throughout the rest of the track.

Some CHILL music right here.

DOWNLOAD: Sublime feat. Chip Tha Ripper – Pawn Shop (Remix)


Jenny Pooh said...

OMG!!! I wasnt sure if this was the real "Sublime" But as soon as i heard the rasta beats n the back i was like...WHOA...that's Sweetah As Fugggg!!! Damn, 4 Chip 2 B On A Track Wit Sublime Is Like Major, Ne1 who lives unda a rok knows who they r, girls on my field hockey team used to go nutz over them, I really like the song...kinda laid bak n chill, Chip was really tellin his fellings, like he was readin from a journal...i can dig it!

Matt said...

Love the versatility Chip. The song sounds tight as hell.

The Speaker said...

So happy to get a sneak peak of what we will be hearing on the mixtape!! Can't wait for that to drop I will be featuring it on my blog. BTW this is @daniellem_145 from twitter..

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

nice... thank u.