Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Know Your a Piece of Shit When...

**...when you ONLY AVERAGED 7 hours a week @ the office in 2008. ANNNNND you get paid $95,000 a year plus benefits! EASILY pullin' in more that six figures a year!**

Cleveland's Clerk of Courts, Earle Turner, is spending more time at work
Mark Puente/Plain Dealer Reporter

Cleveland Clerk of Courts Earle Turner came to his office at the Justice Center more frequently in June and worked longer days than he did in the previous 18 months.

A Plain Dealer investigation published June 7 revealed Turner averaged about seven hours per week in the office in 2008. In only three months of 2008 did he work from his office for more than 40 hours in an entire month, the newspaper investigation showed.

The Democrat spent about 121 hours in his office in June -- about 30 hours a week -- according to parking records at the Justice Center.

Turner and his spokesman did not return calls seeking comment.

Since the story was published, Turner has been coming to the office more often, coming in earlier and staying later.

Turner was in his office on four of 20 Mondays before June 7 this year. In an interview last month, Turner said he often worked from home on Mondays, planning his weekly schedule and working on issues too sensitive to be handled in his office.



Joy said...

This is what happens when ur on salary and dont have to clock in...I wouldnt come into work either! shiiiiiiit!

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

yeah. agreeed.
but when you an ELECTED public figure... its your duty.

the people put him in office. the least he can do is his JOB from his OFFICE, in a job where he make over 6 figures! 6 figures of tax payers dollars!

thats not asking much.