Thursday, August 13, 2009

FSD Preview: Really Doe - First Impressions

**NICE... Write-Up from the homie Andrew Barber over @ Fake Shore Drive.**

Last night, I had the opportunity to hit the studio with Really Doe to get an early preview of his upcoming album, First Impressions, which drops next week (8-18-09) on Cartel Records.

It’s really pretty amazing how this album was announced with a firm release date, a little over a month prior to hitting the streets; and the release date actually stuck. No push backs, no preliminary mixtapes, just a debut album, ready for the world to hear. However, if you thumb through many of this month’s music magazines, you’ll find full page Really Doe ads. Also, if you happen to be driving around Chicago, LA or NYC, you just might see a Really Doe billboard staring you in the face (Chi-Town: corner of Ashland and Diversy), so you know that Cartel Records isn’t just half-assing this. They have a full plan in place, and last night I was brought into their world to hear and see for myself.

Let’s take a closer look and see what kind of impression, First Impressions made on me. [bad joke]


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