Thursday, August 6, 2009

MTV Reports on Kanye West X G-Shock Event

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If you're on twitter (which is down right now), you may have kept reading 'g-shock, g-shock, kanye, g-shock' all night from your favorite NYC hip hop bloggers, artists and personalities - why? Because, well, there was an invite only event for the watch brand's party that EVERY tastemaker seemed to be at.

There seems to be minimal video popping up, because security was tight and ACTUALLY enforcing the no-camera, no-recording rule. I'm sure we'll see some good footage soon, though.

For now, MTV Reports:

Kanye West must really like G-Shock watches. The Def Jam star put on a spectacular performance for the second year in a row at Casio's Shock the World event at Cipriani's on Wall Street, where the company unveiled new timepieces and a series of collaborations with Redman, celebrity tattoo artist Mister Cartoon and skateboarder Stevie Williams, among others.

West capped off the festivities with an hourlong set. He entered wearing a mask to shield his face and was accompanied by a shifting digital display behind him that counted down his time onstage. The rap star was often restrained while performing some of his biggest hits, including Jay-Z's latest, "Run This Town," sans Rihanna and Jay. The toned-down effect signaled a quiet intensity reminiscent of an "MTV Unplugged" session.

"This is my favorite song of my career," 'Ye told the lively crowd in the middle of his set, tossing his mask as the opening chord of "Can't Tell Me Nothing" began.

But Kanye wouldn't be Kanye if he didn't take at least one opportunity to speak up. So while he was restrained, he definitely wasn't quiet. Before he closed out the night with "Stronger," he went into a 10-minute "Pinocchio Story"-esque freestyle in which he spoke on the discomforts of fame and took a moment to lash out at the media, even referring to his encounter with the paparazzi at LAX.

"I have to pay a f---ing $100,000 'cause he says I hurt his f---ing arm," 'Ye rapped, letting the words hang in the air. "But I was just trying to break his camera, not cause him no harm."

**Edit - Found a few professional pics from the event HERE.

Here is some perf. footage, via RR. First Vid is his "Run this Town" verse and the second is "Get Em High":

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