Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shyne to be Released from Prison Oct. 6th, 2009

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Shyne finally knows the day he will once again become a free man: October 6, 2009. That release date has already been confirmed by the parole board, but a hearing tomorrow will outline the parameters of ‘Po’s parole, details that could determine whether or not the former Bad Boy Records artist will be able to resume his recording career free of stifling restrictions.

So while Shyne’s October 6th date to be released from prison is set, tomorrow is the day that he will learn if he will be paroled to post release conditions that will allow him to easily resume his recording career, or parameters that might prevent him from performing all of the duties necessary of a nationally-known recording artist.

“[We’re] trying to say [to the judge] ‘Enough is enough. Five years [post release supervision] is overly harsh and unnecessary,’” Michelen explained. “What I said in court on the 21st and I’ll say again [tomorrow] is the court needs to take into consideration how a person needs to make a living. And that punishing someone to five years post release supervision hampers people differently [based on] the way they’re going to make money…"

If Shyne is sentenced tomorrow to the full five-year parole term, he might not be able to leave the State of New York to tour, and would have to get approval to conduct almost every aspect of his activities as an artist.

“He’d need permission for everything,” Michelen explained. “And so that would really be a problem and be very restrictive on him.”

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