Monday, October 26, 2009

Video: Chip Tha Ripper x Chuck Inglish x ILLROOTS x Some Drunk Dude Getting Rode On. LoL.

Good look to Mike Waxx over at ILLROOTS & Mike on the camera.

We didnt get the video we really wanted to grab. But this shit came out hilarious.
Next time its gona be some crazy ILLROOTS exclusive shit!!!

Kunal & Myself just ridin' on some dude after Chip's show with Skyzoo.
While Chuck, Chip & Duke just smash on Mr. Waxx's Cheese-Its. LoL!

People should know by now, its nothing but jokes for you if you think your funny.

1 comment:

ludokresh said...

this is the silliest shit i ever seen in my life lol, i gotta start being around for this typa shit rotfl