Friday, June 18, 2010



May. 29. Agora Theater. Cleveland, OH
June. 3. Mad Frog. Cincinnati, OH
June 4. Tammany Hall. Worcester, MA
June. 18. Club Paradise. Buffalo, NY
July. 16. Club 57 West. Orlando, FL
July. 17. The Orpheum. Tampa, FL
July. 23. Santos. NYC, NY
July. 25. Zydeco. Birmingham, AL
July. 29. Wild Hare. Chicago, IL
August. 1. The G-Spot. Greenville, SC
August. 6. Fitzgerlads. Houston, TX
August. 7. Republic. Austin, TX
August. 8. The Curtain Club. Dallas, TX



The Ice Cream Man said...

The Ice Cream Man said...

Anonymous said...

The Agora show was offense chip. But i know everyone waited around from 7pm until midnight to see you. It was hot as hell. And the acts before you just kept getting worse & worse (aka fat white was like karaoke night out there) Your set was just super short. I saw you when you opened for cudi in january & it was soooooo dope. Just hoping to see the same chip i saw in January again!

can't wait for the album tho!!!!!!

SifuPDX said...

come to the west coasttt

oute5000 said...

What About Cali Yo???????

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

awwwwww noting in cali

got to come trew one time burn it down

germaaannyyy said...

you have to come to GERMANY!!!

Yung Boss said...

Damn Chip, u got Fans + Big Money waitin for u in California.

u should do a show out here man.

Anonymous said...

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