Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chip Tha Ripper x Kid Cudi Live @ The Evil Olive - Chicago

VIDEO: Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper LIVE @ Hollywood Moon Tour - Chicago from Kevin M on Vimeo.

**Shout out to my homies Naledge (1/2 of Kidz in the Hall) & Alex @ Ruby Hornet for everything while we were in the Chi.**

As some of you may know... Chip, Duke, our homie Truth, and myself, took our travels to Chicago this past week. We had a very busy schedule while in the Chi.
We got in Sunday around 11pm, and decided to take it easy b4 Monday, day of the show. Chilled @ one of my dudes spots in Wrigleyville and blazed our selves to sleep. LoL...

The next morning we were up and shooting video footage around the city with one of Chicago's BIGGEST Hip-Hop websites, Ruby Hornet.
Escorting us around the city and giving us an OFFICIAL tour of Chicago was none other than, Naledge, one half of the super group Kidz in the Hall. The tour included stops at Sound Scape Studio's, which is a beautiful studio that Naledge records at, a lot of Kayne's new shit is being mixed and mastered there. Then, we traveled to Leaders 1354, if your not familiar with Leaders yet, they are THEE best clothing store/boutique in the Chi. Make sure to go get FRESH the next time your in the Chi @ Leader 1354. After that, we departed to Harold's Chicken, which was some good chicken... BUT, I'm not gonna lie, as much as everyone in Chicago talks about it, IT AINT GOT SHIT ON OPEN PIT in CLEVELAND!!! Shout out to Open Pit on St. Clair... Best BBQ in the world! LoL... Lastly, we ended our travel's @ some park for a "Freestyle in the Park" segment, where Chip gave Ruby Hornet some FIRRRRRE! Make sure to check Ruby Hornet RIGHT NOW for they're feature on Chip!

After a nice day with Ruby Hornet and Naledge, we picked up some more "TREE" and met Kid Cudi @ sound check for the show that evening. We showed up @ the Evil Olive, and Hollywood Holt was doing his soundcheck. Holt and Chip formally met for the 1st time. **Stay Tuned for Some Music Featuring Those Two** After Holt and Mano were done with they're sound check, Cudi was up next. Usually, Cudi has Plain Pat to DJ for him, but during the Hollywood Moon Tour he had Dot Da Genius, producer of Day N' Nite, Cudi's SMASH single! This is the 1st time Chip & Cudi have performed anything together... Needless to say, everyone at sound check was going OFF when they heard "Ask About Me." Everyone from Mano to Holt to the photographers taking pictures were loving the song! Kid Cudi was fealing a little under the weather w/ a sore throat that day and even into the show... But like all great artists, he fought thru it.

After sound check, we went back to the hotel with Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius, where we smoked some "TREE" and caught up with Kid Cudi and Dot. Cudi was feeling a little under the weather like I was telling you, so he was drinking warm tea to get his voice right. Then, Cudi played some of his album for us, which is slated to be released in SPRING of 2009. He also played some of Kayne's album for us, which he is currently writing hooks for and should be featured on at least 2 songs on "808s & Heartbreaks." ALSOOOOO... he was telling us he should be featured on Jay-Z's new album. So Cudi on his GRIND something SERIOUS right now! Shout out to Dot Da Genius too, should be some Dot and Chip songs coming to a LIFE near you soon!

Arriving at the Evil Olive, with a nice crowd of people outside. Walking inside to a crrrrazzzzy crowd of people!! We posted up in the VIP for a little bit then moved to the upstairs part of the club where we posted during Cudi and Holt's performance.



Naledge, Kid Cudi, Hollywood Holt, Million Dolla Mano, Mic Terror, Dot Da Genius, Willy Joy, Alex @ Ruby Hornet, Andrew @ Fake Shore Drive, Leaders 1354, PHLIE, Harold's Chicken, & ALL OF CHI TOWN!

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