Monday, October 6, 2008

Mick, Dan, & 6th speak on the Honor Roll

Stole this from Mick Boogie over at Press Play > Fashion Forward.
**Chip is featured on a tribute to Slick Rick track.**

This year’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honors show has taken on a whole life of its own.

Building from the momentum of previous years, the show & the channel are proving to be accurate to the essence of Hip-Hop music & culture. Digging deeper into the history each year, they’ve managed to recognize artists whose catalogs were not sacrificed for the sake of fame or critical acclaim. By choosing respectable artists, VH1 has garnered the attention & praise of fans across the map.

And some of those fans included a new crop of MCs, DJs and producers.

Which brings us to the topic at hand: Mick Boogie’s The Honor Roll. A musical mashup, the endeavor is a well engineered project featuring music from the catalogs of this year’s honorees, covered by a new generation of emcees & producers.

For more of the back story on how the project came together, The Crew’s Gotty™ got up with Mick Boogie, impresario Dan Solomito & Notherground’s 6th Sense for an impromptu Q&A about what all went into the making of The Honor Roll.

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