Monday, December 22, 2008

VIDEO: A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All DVD (preview)

Above, is this HILARIOUS video Willie Nelson & Stephen Colbert.
An ode to "Tree."

"Your really high, I'm goin to tell your Savior." LMAO!!!

Below, are two more funny ass video's from this DVD preview. 
The first is Jon Stewart along side Colbert, doing a laugh out loud bit.
Second, John Legend joins Colbert for a Christmas tune. 

"Without Christmas there's nothing to calm me down after Halloween...
Those ghosts are scary."

"Can I interest you in Hanukkah?"
"Hanukkah, huh? I guess I really never thought about it."


I love how John Legend is like dressed like a Forrest Ranger, but looks all GQ and shit. LoL.

"R&B Super Star, John Legend...
I didn't know you were a forrest ranger?
I thought R&B was your life?"

"As long as R&B stands for Roots & Berries."


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Joy said...

John Legend indeed....he looks too good in that ranger uniform. lmao