Friday, January 16, 2009

Dee & Rickey x No Mas Custom Starter Duffle Bags

DOPPPPEEE! Are you kidding? Gota cop one.

via hypebeast.

Last year we previewed an upcoming collaboration between New York twins Dee & Rickey and sports-inspired brand No Mas. Taking a good batch of Chris Isenberg’s vintage Starter satin jackets, the boys went to work on a special project creating the timeless pieces into contemporary duffel bags. With No Mas’ rich history in Starter customization, it surely became another enjoyable endeavor. Six different teams are now available including: the Yankees, Flames, Devils, Browns, Indians and Black Hawks. All can be purchased through colette.


The Mayor said...

These might be the hottest things i have ever seen in my life - starter jackets are fucking sweeeeetttttt

Taco said...

Yeah dan!!!!! I bet they will make exceptions and design one with the 'mayor' embroidered' on it!