Friday, January 16, 2009

Sony Rolly

HAHAHA... PLEASE Watch the video BELOW. That thing is sooooo cool.
It just dances and plays music. Hahahaha. What a good idea.

The Sony Rolly is perhaps best described as a break-dancing MP3-player. Simply fill the egg-shaped curio’s 2GB of storage with MP3s or AACs (ideally with something upbeat for maximal effect), turn it on and watch how it proceeds to roll, pitch and spin on the spot in time to the rhythm.

If that sounds silly, well, that’s because it is. But it is highly entertaining to watch, I tell you that. The sound pumped out from its side-mounted speakers is better than you’d imagine, thanks to its inclusion of a dinky digital amp, and users can ever program in their own choreographed moves via the bundled editing software. Once you’re done fiddling, you can then upload your finished routines to a dedicated online forum and share them with others.

Despite being unapologetically frivolous and arguably a touch overpriced for what it actually does, the Rolly’s cute additions, such as switching to shuffle mode when you shake it and Bluetooth audio streaming support, help to make it an endearing, and deceptively sophisticated toy.

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The Mayor said...

this thing is stupid as fuck, ineresting concept but it really doesnt do anything that cool