Monday, January 19, 2009

INTERVIEW: Chaise Marcel

via. 216thetakeover. talks with Chaise Marcel, a Chicago club DJ. Chaise Marcel is featured on 10 Deep x DJ Benzi, The New Deal Mixtape 2, and DJ Benzi, Kayne West, and Plain Pat's, Sky High mixtape. Chaise is currently preparing a "truck load" of new music, and an EP to be later release in 2009. Whats going on with you Chaise?

Chaise Marcel: Chillin man,avoiding this weather. It's like a foot of snow out here right now. Where do you reside?

Chaise Marcel: Chicago How long have you been in to DJing?

Chaise Marcel: I was first really,got interested around like the age of 10.. but, I started when I was 13. First track you ever remixed?

Chaise Marcel: James Brown - The Big Payback... funny story behind that too. I guess you can say it's the extra extra extra rough version/idea for, Mic Terror - Juke Them Hoes... great record by the way, if you haven't heard it. Explain the bond between a DJ, and the turntables?

Chaise Marcel: Well, precisely... I think that bond right there HAS to be there. A DJ that's never touched TT's or doesn't know how to use em? SMH... But for me it's a really significant feeling when I'm DJ'ng... It's like that bond a person has with their "throwing/writing/etc hand"... Inseparable.

Chaise Marcel - Let's Get It On Remix


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