Monday, January 19, 2009 DL: "The Moon Man" Mixtape Repost

THANKS TO J.D. @ Hip Hop Update for a GREAT TAPE!

I'm pretty proud of this little compilation and the rounds it made on the net. It's getting close to 6000 downloads on zshare...and probably more with the rapidshare link. Was hoping Cudi would feature it on his blog, but it's all good...I got a lot of support all around the net and a lot of positive feedback on the artwork and concept.

Big thanks to Complex Magazine, The Smoking Section, Kevin Nottingham, GoWherehiphop, Itshiphop, SlabUp, We Do It Right, HipHopScholar, KanyeLive, DatnewCudi and all the other sites who aren't my affiliates, but supported the mixtape effort.

Just for the record...again...this is a compilation of freestyles, live stuff and other Cudi features [mostly] not on his first and only official mixtape, "A Kid Named Cudi." I did, however, utilize three or four songs off that mixtape because I thought they were essential to this compilation. Maybe I could have included a few more tracks, but I'm satisfied.

Check it out and enjoy if you didn't catch it the first time. Rapidshare link is there now for the one or two people who can't use zshare for some reason.

Here it is folks. I've been wanting to put together a Kid Cudi mixtape for a while but haven't been able to get to it until this past weekend. From what I've noticed around the net, this is the first unofficial mixtape showcasing Kid Cudi's material.

Of course, Cudi, himself, put out "A Kid Named Cudi" officially this past Summer, which put him on the hip hop radar.
"The Moon Man" mixtape is a compilation of tracks, features & live material that were not on that mixtape.

So, what the heck is the inspiration behind the artwork/name of the mixtape? It's based on the Jim Carey movie, "The Man on the Moon," which is the story of Andy Kaufman. The artwork is a light-hearted parody of the official movie posters, which you can view on either side of this paragraph. Click them to enlarge. Big thanks to Pizzle of Eddy N Pizzle for the quick turn-around on graphics!

Cudi explained to me back in June '08 that his inspiration behind his "Moon-Man" alias was the main character in the movie,
Andy Kaufman (played by J. Carey). The essence of the Kaufman story is that he was never afraid to be himself, even though he was misunderstood by many.

In essence, Kid Cudi's music is a little bit different than hardcore hip hop, but he cannot change who he is or what he does. It transcends one genre and becomes genuinely G.O.O.D. Music.

With his recent success due to his mixtape and co-sign from Kanye West & Co., Cudi is on his way to dropping his major label debut via G.O.O.D. Music... tentatively titled: "The Man on the Moon: The Guardians"

With the relative success of my previous mixtapes, I'm sure you'll enjoy!


Here's an alternative Rapidshare link for people who can't seem to use Zshare:

Download Mixtape (rapidshare)


Anonymous said...

i love this mxtape! me and my friend play yours and the official one back to back. keep up the good work.

evanka said...

this is the sh*t!

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