Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Via DatNewCudi:

"As tons of you may know by know, Sky Might Fall has leaked. Shortly after it dropped on the internet I was contacted by Cudi’s Management in regards to the leak. The track was not leaked by Cudi or his management and they had no intention of leaking it. To safely say, no ones happy with this. Out of respect for Cudder, I won’t discuss/post/ackowledge the leak until it’s official and has been put out on his website KIDCUDI.com or by his management. Cudi went on to also say the track is not finished.

The reason this has been removed is, they don’t want people thinking this is the official release of the song and having this unfinished version spreading across the net only helps that assumption. The mess has been made, its out and sadly nothing can be done about it. I encourage everyone who has posted it to take it down. If you have any info in regards to the origin of the leak, leave me an email at info@datnewcudi.com.

As a thank you, he’s given us the okay to drop the exclusive info that they have just wrapped up a deal with Univeral Motown for his debut cd."

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