Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[EXCLUSIVE] Cudi signs with Universal Motown

via. DatNewCudi.

**Congrats to Cudi & Pat especially, I know they have worked hard for this!!!**

I know I briefly spoke of this exclusive news last night, but I figured I would officially post this now since last night I was way to tired/lazy.

Cudi has signed a deal with Universal Motown for his debut CD. Congrats goes to Cudi for getting this deal, this is just the beginning steps towards getting the CD on the stands and for everyone to purchase. Universal Motown currently has high profile artists such as Ryan Leslie (Ryan Leslie), Lil Wayne (Prom Queen) & Asher Roth (I Love College single) signed for distribution deals. Now stay tuned for an album release date, hopefully in the coming weeks something gets put in stone.

Lets have this news make the rounds on the blogs today and not the other “news item” that is spreading.

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