Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cutler Traded to the Browns?


Just when we thought the whole Jay Cutler fiasco had lost a little steam, we just came up with this little nugget of joy. As reported by numerous media outlets, Jay Cutler is upset with the Broncos organization and wants out of town.

“I’m upset,” Jay Cutler told The Denver Post. “I mean, I’m really shocked at this point.”

Despite continued denials from the Broncos front office, Cutler and his agent are refusing to talk to McDaniels and company.

“If they were in fact trying to trade Jay Cutler, then I think that’s a situation that’s going to cause a very serious problem for the organization,” says James Cook, Cutler’s agent.

Well, ok, let’s say the Broncos really are shopping Jay Cutler. The deal with Cassel is moot at this point, the Broncos must be looking for new suitors. We understand that the Browns have an attractive option in place. Some Broncos fans will probably ‘freak’ when they hear such a ludicrous suggestion, but hey, were you any more shocked by Shanahan getting fired or Portis being traded?

Our source tells us the players involved are: Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers for Jay Cutler & the Broncos 3rd round draft pick.


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