Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nike Air Yeezy Retail Colorways + Info

via. HipHopUpdate.

These are the final colorways of the Air Yeezy that are set to be released in the coming months. It's been a heavily anticipated shoe and finally we have more solid info on the colorways, release dates and price.

Price - Thought not confirmed, they'll probably be around $200.

Release - Limited quantities and they will be internationally sold. I'm guessing sneaker boutiques such as DQM (NYC), Undefeated (LA), Prestigious (ATL) etc. The middle, grey, colorway is said to release this month. The black pair that are cut off in the pic will be in April. The tan will be in May.

Everything is subject to change, but that's the prospective info for now. I'm personally not all that impressed. The colorways that 'Ye rocked were nicer and it looked like the material was a higher grade (from the few close up shots that we got).

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