Monday, April 6, 2009

**NEW SONG** Chip Tha Ripper - Hoop Connection

via. HipHopUpdate.

**1st seen @ HipHopUpdate... Not only does he have one of the DOPEST sites out, he always looks out for Chip! HHU x SLABUP x Chip Tha Ripper mixtape coming soon! THANKS J.D.!**

A HHU 1st Listen right here. Chip Tha Ripper, who I've been supporting on the site for a bit, created this track in conjunction with a new basketball recruiting site, Hoop

The basis of the site is, essentially, a recruiting tool to showcase up and coming basketball players' skills - something standard nowadays for any athlete looking to get recognized by higher education across the country.

This following track will be featured on the site, so here is your first listen. Thanks Kev over at SlabUp.



Jamie Slade said...

Whoooooaaa this song goes hard.

DC to BC said...

yo this needs to be on 2k10. for real. so i hope, i really HOPE, you're grinding to get it that far. no joke. also, i need you to add my man to your email list. quinn coleman. comment on his latest post on dctobc (gorilla zoe) and tell him that you want his e-mail address please. he is the person who put chip up on our blog in the first place.

but no joke, 2k9. get it on there. not live, that game sucks.

DC to BC said...

i meant 2k10.