Monday, April 6, 2009

Video: Air Yeezy: Beyond the Hype

via. FSD.

People didn't know how to act this weekend when the Air Yeezy's finally hit shelves in Chicago. It felt like it was 1996 and the Air Jordan 11's just dropped. People were camped out in front of spots like St. Alfred's, Leaders, Succezz and Nike Town, for hours, even days trying to get their hands of a pair. In fact, only 220 were available in the Midwest, and I heard that some people were thirsty enough to drop over $500 on them. Yikes.

Here, Davy Greenberg takes an in-depth look in his documentary, Air Yeezy: Beyond the Hype.

Related: Marc Moran was on hand at the Yeezy launch at St. Alfred - you can check his pics here.

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