Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot Boys Reunion Bigger Than The Beatles???

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And you’re also working on a Hot Boys reunion, correct?
Yeah, yeah, you can look forward to that coming real soon. Real, real, real soon. We tying up the loose ends of the paperwork right now, and hopefully we’ll have that out this year.

What can you tell me about that?
It’s going to be bigger than The Beatles. It’s going to be bigger than The Beatles. [laughs]

So you’re excited about it?
Most definitely! Because you know, at one point in time, you couldn’t get me to talk about it. I wasn’t open for it, you know what I am saying? But as I grew and then I got older and as I started just understanding life in general, things happen, and things happen for a reason. You know, people go through things, family go through things, but they sit down, talk it over, be real about it, acknowledge their mistakes and move on.

Full B.G. Intv HERE

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Jenny Pooh said...

uummm ok....i dont kno about bigger than the beatles...but yeah i'm happy...g friggin wiz...i wonder how well this will go most "true' cash money fans r muh age...grown as fuk, n most "hotboyz" r locked up ...most got locked up whiole listenin 2 Hot Boyz...hhmmm..n nowadays most yuong people dont even kno Wayne used 2 b n a group...YIKES!!!