Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nike Air Max 1 id on Nov. 15th

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One Nike iD that has been in anticipation of it’s return is the Air Max 1 iD. With dates of the return scheduled for June, then moved to September, Air Max 1 fans have been befuddled to say the least. Well, rejoice as we have the scoop on the date, new premium materials, shape and why the delay

Grab, flip and mark your calendar to November 15, 2009. This date will be for both in store and online iD. The premium materials heading to this shoe are suede, a splatter midsole, the good Ol’ Mesh and the return of an option that hasn’t been in the iD studio in over 4 years, 3M. Whether the suede is a LUXE, synthetic or similar to what’s on the Air Max 1 “West – Red” is unknown at this time. The splatter may be something similar to the recent Nike Air Max 1 “Lanceiro – Brazil”. Keep in mind that some of these materials may change as the date gets closer.

So why the delay? Nike closed down the factory that was responsible for the original manufacturing of the Air Max 1 iD. No clue as to the reason but something will change. Something that fans have been expressing dissatisfaction with. Expect the shape to change for the iDs. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Whether its going to be like the recent Air Max 1 releases or a new revised shape of the same, is up in the air (no pun intended).

The date is pretty solid but you never know if Nike decides to change it again. Just look at their recent shoe release schedules. Most shoes have come out really early or have changed to really late. Let’s hope this iD stays to this date.

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