Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VIDEO: Young Buck Presents His Biggest Hit Yet!

via. HHU.

Feel bad for Buck at this point... Shit is mad funny tho.


Anonymous said...

oh well, shit happens..i feel bad for got no talent n your only tie to the rap game is blogging for chip. you the sad mufucka in this situation. Bucks one of the realest...but you def wouldnt ever recogzize that so im not suprised.

skilotti said...

man you ugly as fuck anonymous all you do is hate, let my nigga be, let him do his thang and you do yours im gon fuck u up when i find out who you are

bilotti said...

yea my brother said it right you little bitch if we find you were gonna fuck you up little bitch... show ur name pussy show it!!!!! fuck u too skilotti wat type of name is that anyway